Digg, Mixx e.t.c.

It strikes me that Digg, Mixx e.t.c.  all work out popularity by having people on other sites push the popularity up.  This is based, I guess,  on someone having read the page and then posted to digg e.t.c.  Would there be value in counting the click throughs from digg to produce an alternative or modified top x page based on user actions on digg once the articles have got there?

I'm learning

I've been slowly but surely copying my old blog posts from stewsnooze on demon but Drupal doesn't really have any good tools for importing from Blogger.  There are some basic tools which can move stuff but they seem crazy.

amazon mockery

My on time and on target manager book is erm delayed.....

Dear Customer,

We wanted to give you an update on the status of your order.

We are sorry to report that the following items have been delayed.

Kenneth H. Blanchard (Author), Steve Gottry (Author) "The On-time,

On-target Manager (One Minute Manager)" [Hardcover]

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


Lighting fires

Charlie Brooker lit a fire on the commentisfree blog on The Guardian. His post attacked mac users more than macs. It is worth a read. At the time of writing the comment count is 778 with 695 blogs linking to that article. It's a touchy subject. I guess this post will be 696. People have very strong opinions on mac vs pc. I think that they both have a

Yahoo pipes and The Economist

My first mistake

We've started.....

two days left as Development Manager/ Technical Architect at the Economist Group

..Before I start as generic member of projectredstripe.
It's interesting. I am being sidelined here through design to watch
the things that depend on me fall correctly into someone else hand.
They aren't replacing me with another manager as it's only a secondment.
They have the money to, but they are spending it on a developer for
Economist.com instead. All of my permanent staff and one contractor are
taking more responsibility. Should be fine here. I've left lots of

Killings ideas

From page 56 of sticky wisdom.

The great innovation handbook…
Don’t kill ideas, these phrases are key killers of ideas.

1. Yes, but

2. We’ve tried it before

3. That won’t work because

4. Have you really thought about the implications

5. We don’t have time for this right now


This is Ludwig, one of the people I will work with.

The beginnings of innovation

Today already after reading only one chapter of the book Sticky wisdom
I felt myself looking at the design of the Economist.com, CFO.com and
CFOEurope.com common web platform in a different light. That book can
screw with your head. I had an idea today just from one chapter that I
wouldn't have had without it.

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