I want to blog for the next six months heavily. Remembering that I will
be the only person to ever read this I feel I need to blog to take note
of the amazing journey I will be on. I'll be starting a company or at
least trying with someone else's money.

Maybe I'll turn it into a book if we become a google.

I should have just stayed in bed like I know how

The time to start the new project is nearly here.
We've ordered laptops and mobile phones, an ADSL line from BT and a

The team is complete

The team is finally complete. Here is Mike's note of names. We start on 29th of Jan in the AMV offices.

  • Steven Chiu
  • Stewart Robinson
  • Mike Seery
  • Tom Shelley
  • Ludwig Siegele
  • Joanna Slykerman

Everyone has a name that starts with an S.

Reading material

This is the reading material I need to get through before the 29th.
I have to bring back one key message from each text to tell to the team.

1. Sticky Wisdom (?What If! ISBN, ISBN-10: 1841120219)

What you should take away from reading the (whole) book:

I have a nephew...of sorts


Maturing the Economist Groups's web IT infrastructure will have to wait for me at least.

been accepted to an elite super group of corporate paratroopers. We
will be incubating our very own digital divide skipping child. It will
have 6 parents. Arnie and Danny had 7, I think, in Twins (the movie)

Tragic Loss

I kept a blog from 2001 to 2005 on Blogger.com which I
accidentally/stupidly/purposefully deleted. It was very personal and I
wrote it to put my feelings out there rather than for people to read. I
suppose it falls into my belief that there are millions of blogs with
just one reader. I got rid of it thinking I wanted to move on and be a
happier more secure person. To be clear I am. I don't highlight my hair
anymore for god's sake. That was a dark or erm...peroxide time. Now I
wish I hadn't deleted it as I'd love to read it. It's gone. I can't get
it back.

How to survive without source control on web projects

First of all.  You shouldn't have to.  Your management should help
you get source control.  It's not always possible.  You might be under
funded, you might be overworked, you might just have too much to do. 
What you do now might work for you.  I work for a company that is only
now after five years adopting source control.  That sounds crazy but it
has worked in the main.  We have lost six or seven files in my five
years there and we got them straight back, albeit without the new
changes, from the live servers.

The road ahead

The road ahead is not a pretty one. Not only am I setting out to completely change an international company's web operation without a budget, I am also going to try to write about it in a sensible way. If you're looking for a quick fix to help your development team then I'll see you in about two years, which is roughly the timescale I've set to get "mature". If you want to follow my progress, or more likely lack of, then get the RSS feed into bloglines and laugh at my failure and eventual redundancy.

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