Xdebug on Mac OS X Snow Leopard for use with MacGDBp

If like me you use MacGDBp to debug your Drupal code then since upgrading to Snow Leopard your variable inspector window will basically show unitialized for all variables.

This is fixed in a beta for xdebug Xdebug 2.1.0beta3. I've compiled it as I couldn't find a compiled version on the net and it is here for you to download. xdebug.so (2.1.0beta3)

Yay. I'm back in the room with debugging Drupal and php in general. I should note that I use the built in PHP, not MAMP e.t.c.

This file is distributed under the license terms at http://xdebug.org/license.php

This product includes Xdebug, freely available from http://xdebug.org/


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