two days left as Development Manager/ Technical Architect at the Economist Group

..Before I start as generic member of projectredstripe.
It's interesting. I am being sidelined here through design to watch
the things that depend on me fall correctly into someone else hand.
They aren't replacing me with another manager as it's only a secondment.
They have the money to, but they are spending it on a developer for instead. All of my permanent staff and one contractor are
taking more responsibility. Should be fine here. I've left lots of
documentation and I've had Mick, my newest permanent hire shadowing me
for two weeks to catch opportunities and ask questions.

I went to the new office yesterday. It was in a nice building near
Marylebone station, London. It is the office of AMV BBDO. We have a
3rd floor area that used to be a flat. It has a bathroom with shower
and toilet. I'm not sure I'd like to use the toilet with everyone so
close. I think we may need to make a rule there. Perhaps I'm being too

The room itself has a spiral staircase in and a huge projector, I'm not
sure what will stay and what will go. I'm sure the staircase will stay.
However right now there is a light blue sofa in there and no chairs or
tables e.t.c.

It will be interesting to see what happens there. Bring on Monday. I
am ineffective now in my old job as I planned the handover correctly so
I am not really doing anything of use.


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