My first mistake

We've started.....
I hope to make many mistakes. However I'll call
them learnings which I'm sure is common corporate speak for "don't know
what I'm doing". We are debating the style of blog to adopt on the public blog.
So my "Hello World" post is a bit naff. The biggest thing for me
yesterday about the start of is that we only have
six months. I never thought it was a long time but now I think it's a
very short time.... My first day felt more like a course than a job. Or
perhaps a corporate away day. One thing that occurred to me was how
long it took for us to simply get sorted. It took me five minutes to
find a suitable spoon to stir my tea. My laptop took a while to set-up
and the printer longer. Essentially you forget, when you're used to the
corporate IT team fixing everything, how hard PC's are to basically get
running smooth. Economist Group IT support are actually pretty damn
good. I just never thought about it. We all had problems with stupid
password e.t.c and getting access. My mistake is actually a
post I wasn't sure would succeed.


You've never stopped making

You've never stopped making mistakes

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