Lighting fires

Charlie Brooker lit a fire on the commentisfree blog on The Guardian. His post attacked mac users more than macs. It is worth a read. At the time of writing the comment count is 778 with 695 blogs linking to that article. It's a touchy subject. I guess this post will be 696. People have very strong opinions on mac vs pc. I think that they both have a place regardless of how smug users of the respective platforms are. I think the argument is flawed. The argument should be Apple v Microsoft or OSX vs Windows especially as they now run on the same hardware. I love that now a contentious article can get a massive response. This morning on Sunday AM I watched Iain Dale describe his blog and blogging in general as a conversation. I think he's on the right track but Yasmin Alibhai-Brown tore into him saying that she has conversations with people who email her regarding the articles she features in her independent column. I think Iain is closer to being correct as Yasmin may reply to her commenter's emails, but they are not in the public eye. Iain's commenter's post publicly and Iain can reply publicly. That is a debate. I think he should have described blogging as a debate rather than a discussion. The Economist does , even if only in the red fly title linking to one of it's three blogs from the homepage and the URL. See the inbox, freeexchange and democracy in america blogs on


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