Two mini Drupal projects

I am working on two mini Drupal projects.  One allows you to comment on drupal articles (nodes) via XMPP (Gtalk), the main problem here is presenting an interface through IM that will reliably allow the user to know which article they are commenting on.  The other project is to have Drupal as a back end community driver for an existing site.  For example, what if you have a site that you want to put comments, user relationships and community management on.  Roll out Drupal in the back end.  Essentially the method taken is to make the Drupal theme generate JSON which the front end site requests and processes server side. 

The XMPP project is Ruby based using  xmpp4r and simple HTTP requests to Drupal on message receipt.  Obviously there needs to be subscription management for people who have commented on an article to get future comments on that article.


I got the commenting

I got the commenting working.

Did this go anywhere


Where did you get on this?


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