Maturing the Economist Groups's web IT infrastructure will have to wait for me at least.

been accepted to an elite super group of corporate paratroopers. We
will be incubating our very own digital divide skipping child. It will
have 6 parents. Arnie and Danny had 7, I think, in Twins (the movie)

We will be planting seeds for The Economist's newest
venture. M&A's aren't easy money so every so often I guess you have
to try doing something yourself. I wonder whether our competitor to
myspace/youtube/google/breathing/talking/communicating will work. Why
am I picturing the baby from Charmed who scares off dates for Mommy
with a white light in his mouth?

I have to say my application
to join was terrible, really terrible. I wrote about software instead
of innovation. It's because I'm crap, and a little because I was in the
middle of the JoelOnSoftware
book. However I did muck about and make my blog inaccessible and break
the up and down arrow keys in the process. The css is nice, the first
time you load it and you get your posts in a viewport. I basically
think I got in because I lent a playstation 2 eyetoy to Mike Seery for
the web cast. Mum, I told you gaming would get me somewhere.

the application however, the interview was a joke. I interview a few
people in my existing role. I sat with Mike in a Pret and proceeded to
answer "Yes I can do that" and "That won't be a problem" without any
justification. To be fair to me a little bit, as I already work for
Mike albeit through the onion of management I didn't realise I would be
interviewed in such a real way. It clearly must be the eyetoy, or perhaps it was the eyetoy drivers that make it work so well on a pc

I join a cast of superstars from the Economist. We are redstripe. Tom, a superstar, has a blog at


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