I should have just stayed in bed like I know how

The time to start the new project is nearly here.
We've ordered laptops and mobile phones, an ADSL line from BT and a
NetGear 54g router (dg834g) On Monday 22nd I'll go to check out the office. The laptops are pretty large but we are not getting desktops. The mobiles will not be complimented with landlines. I'll probably get a bluetooth thingy for mine Mike, the boss, has started us a section on
I'm impressed with it so far. Apart from reading material to check
before we start we need to plan a half day outing for the team each. My
initial thoughts are all about corporate law breaking and tequila
drinking competitions but that won't work. I've just purchased two cans
of coke a minute apart from each other. I'd simply forgotten I'd bought
the first one.


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